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Every year information technology is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the world. Although it gives people vast opportunities of access to knowledge, it also allows them to use other people's written thoughts and efforts as their own.

Many websites offer pre-written library research papers, coursework and other scholarly papers. Use of other people's papers has an extremely negative effect on the quality of education among young specialists. On the Internet, one can find many course projects and theses that are identical in content and have differences only on the title page.

In response, the practice of text reuse detection on student papers is also rapidly increasing. Papers must be checked for possible text reuse to avoid copying information.

The system does not determine the presence of plagiarism in a document. According to the definition, provided by the University of Oxford, plagiarism is the use of someone else's work as your own, the illegal publication of someone else's work under your own name, or the attribution of authorship. A check in our system shows the presence of similar text fragment matches. The system does not determine the primary source and does not compare the publication dates of documents. The results of the analysis in the system cannot be interpreted as proven plagiarism and cannot be used as legal evidence of plagiarism.

Yes, you can. The Advacheck system was developed by highly qualified researchers and programmers. It contains modern analysis algorithms to identify reuse even if the text has been edited (changes in word forms, rearranging words, etc.). However, you should not rely solely on the system's report but instead carefully review its results.

The priority is given to scientific texts and trustworthy websites. The system performs checks against the most relevant document collections, and has already indexed millions of sources, public and private, in English and other languages.

The database of the Advacheck system sources is expanded regularly: on average at least 5 million sources every month are added. Preference is given to academic materials, such as research papers, theses, dissertations, scientific articles, library research papers and other materials that might be used while writing academic papers.

The system does not store copies of source documents (website pages, documents published online, etc.). When a new source is detected, the system indexes it, i.e. constructs special blocks of information, or indexes, and digital patterns of the documents which are used for analysis.

We care about scientific reputation and help our users to reveal the hidden failings of the texts. We have no right to judge people for their actions, but we strongly recommend not cheating in general and not trying to cheat any anti-plagiarism software in particular. We remind you that today plagiarism is one of the most serious and severely punished crimes in academia and other environments.

The system is primarily a tool for detecting similar text fragments. It does not evaluate the legitimacy or accuracy of reuse; this decision must be made by a subject-matter expert in each case individually.

To change your password in the Advacheck system in your organization, you should contact the system administrator. You can find their contact details in the Contacts section of the Advacheck system website of your organization.

To get access to the Advacheck system in your organization, you should contact the system administrator. You can find their contact details in the Contacts section of the Advacheck system website of your organization.

If your organization is not yet using Advacheck, you can apply for trial access on behalf of your organization. Our managers will contact you to discuss the details of the access.

If your organization is already utilizing the Advacheck system, you should contact the system administrator in your organization for access. You can find their contact details in the Contacts section of the Advacheck system website of your organization.

To remove a user account from the Advacheck system of your organization, please contact the system administrator. Please note that when the user account is deleted, the documents downloaded by the user are not deleted. If they have been added to index by the administrator, they remain in the company's own collection and are checked by the software.

Uploaded documents are processed for text reuse detection only if they have been added to index by the administrator of your organization. In this case the document is added to the internal collection of the organization and can be checked by the software. However, the full text of the document is not displayed; only matching fragments and information about the document are available. Full text of the document is not available to other individuals and organizations.

Documents uploaded by a user for analysis are converted by the system and divided into small fragments. Then the system compares each fragment against available sources (please, check the available search collections of the Advacheck system in your organization).

All search collections are constantly expanding their lists of indexed documents. The more sources that are checked, the more efficient the search is.

You can download the document check certificate from your account. To give it official status, the signature of the responsible person and seal of your organization are required.

You can find this information on the Contacts page of the Advacheck system website of your organization.